by Redbait

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7" vinyl available from New Age Records:


released June 14, 2019

Madeline - Vocals
Rebecca - Vocals
B - Guitar
C - Drums
N - Bass
W - Guitar

Layout and photography by Rebecca Redbait
Recorded and mixed by Will Jameson


all rights reserved



Redbait St. Louis, Missouri

Midwestern proletarian crust.

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Track Name: Capital Gains
System built to self destruct
Power will consume itself
The rich drain the poor
They started this class war

They could hire half of the working class
to kill the other half
We must fight against capital
Educate! Agitate! Organize!

Consumerist mentality
will leave us paralyzed
You don't need to buy that
You just need to fight back

We are all exploited
For our sweat and toil
Profits are unpaid wages

Working class liberation

Solidarity among workers
All races
All genders
All wage earners
We choose to fight not suffer
We choose to fight not suffer
Track Name: Our Town
We roam the streets of our town
We go out late at night
Hide your face don't speak out in our town
The murder capital

Don't go north of Delmar
if you want to stay alive
sit outside on the south side
And you'll be burglarized
Don't get on the metro
There is no security
Don't trust anyone
Unless they look like me

Too many in the streets
Why don't they get a job
They're just a bunch of thugs
An aimless violent mob

All lives matter
Protest is a waste of time
I don't see a protest
for black on black crime

I am not a racist
I just rock racist bands
Whats the problem
That first record stands

I'll argue for the sake of it
You don't run this town
I'll do whatever I want
You need to just calm down

Driving through Ferguson
We don't want to go

Someone tried to talk us down
But we don't want to know

Don't get on the highway
They probably shut it down

They burned down their own town

These are all lies

Ferguson is a place
with barely a tax base
The police raise money
By getting in your face
Going door to door
Handing out citations
Harassing residents
for dress code violations
Ticketed doing 30
in a 25
Talk back to a cop
And you can lose your life

Shut it down
Track Name: Cages
Children in cages
Assaulted by the state
Suffocating bureaucracy
Propped up by hate

Taken for a shower
You'll never see your mother
Sleeping on the concrete floor

Scapegoated by the public uprooted by the state by politicians and corporations who make America great

Colonized the world
Sowing atrocities
couldn’t stand the fallout
Making prison a home

Crime against humanity
Torn from a mother's arms
Deported fathers gone
Upholding white supremacy

Children in cages
Locked up by hate

Suffer little children
As these institutions allow it
We don't want to see it.
Suffer little children


We don’t see these prisons when we’re staring at the screens
While people are taken by gestapo secret police

They use power to divide
Power to imprison
in a country so free it incarcerates children
Track Name: Bred for the Knife
Bred for the knife on the factory farm
Taste tradition convenience
don’t justify such harm
Torture rape and murder
Someone's life, she was someone’s mother

The blood in your mouth flesh in your face
Brains, bodies, tissue
Severed familial bonds
All gone to waste
Animals don't want to die

Bred for the knife
Blood on your hands

Commodified and voiceless with no way out

Bred for the knife
Blood on your hands

An individual is not a product

An entire sea of pig shit
Devastates the land
Hidden so you don't see it
Blood on your hands
Do you know how animals die

Killed by complacency
stolen for consumption

Bred for the knife
Blood on your hands

Commodified and voiceless with no way out

Bred for the knife
Blood on your hands

An individual not a product

Hundreds of thousands are unnecessarily slaughtered every day for what amounts to preference in taste. Choose to abstain from this injustice. An individual is not a product.

Bred for the knife
Just eat something else
Not a conscious life
Bred for the knife

Commodified and voiceless with no way out
Bred for the knife there’s no way out
On the factory farm there is no way out
Track Name: Forever Ends Now
No one can save you now
You reached into hell
It dragged you down

Poison runs through your veins
A blackened void
Succumbed to pain

I love you forever
But forever ends now
You decided to end forever now

I hope it was worth it
Highs better than life
Did you think about your daughter
Forever broken

I'll miss you my friend
Wish I could have saved you
I guess drugs were better
Than anything I gave you

I'd tell you my friend
Anything to help you
But heroin was better
Than anything life gave you

Forever ends now
No one could save you
Heroine down
No one could change your mind

I replay the day
Over and over
You slipped away
A fraud recovery

Tolerance weak
Dosage strong
Judgement lapsed
Now your life is gone

I'll miss you my friend
Wish I could have saved you
I guess drugs were better
Than anything i gave you

I will love you forever
But forever ends now

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